Taste Craft Cocktails This Week For A (Slightly) Reduced Price

Calling all cocktail connoisseurs and rookies alike: it’s Paris’ first-ever Paris Cocktail Week, meaning you can try CRAFT COCKTAILS for about one or two euros LESS than normal prices!!!!!!!

Yes, you read that right. One or two, or maybe even three, euros off what are usually €12-16 drinks. I’m not complaining; the celebration of the recent exploding cocktail fad in Paris is a glorious thing and I’ll take discounts any day.

I just want you, dear reader, to be informed: if you’ve been dying to try out a trendy craft bar in Paris for a while, check out the list of participating bars here to see if you can save a few euros on a beautifully-garnished craft cocktail.

Mind you, not all cocktails available on regular menus will be discounted. Each bar has created a unique reduced-priced drink specifically for this week.

cocktails paris cocktail week paris chic

On the left: Le Mary Celeste’s zesty cocktail for Paris Cocktail Week. Right: One of Little Red Door’s manly cocktails.

This first-time celebration is keeping up with the growing Parisian cocktail revolution. After interviewing a few bartenders, I found that just several years ago, there were maybe two or three bars dedicated to craft cocktails. Now, American-inspired cocktails can be found in almost any neighborhood brasserie.

The bars on the Paris Cocktail Week program are some of the most unique, trendy, chichipster, and thematic hangout spots in Paris. The ambiances are movie-like. You won’t find your run-of-the-mill dive bars on this list of the best of the best of Parisian bars.

If anything, I recommend checking out these bars during this slightly-discounted festivity just for the ambiance. Cocktails are hip, cocktails are cool, so where there are cocktails, there are hip Parisians. You’ll meet some of Paris’s coolest minglers at Paris Cocktail Week, that’s for certain.

Le Perchoir Paris Chic

Le Perchoir is one of the participating bars in Paris Cocktail Week.

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