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Sérigraphie Montmartre: A Pop Culture Print Shop

If you settle for the typical “Le Chat Noir” postcard and think you’re sending something unique to your friends in the States, then you’ve sold yourself short to the touristic confines of Paris.

Walking along the cobblestones of Montmartre the other day, my eyes glanced over a rack of neon-colored postcards displayed on the street. I stopped in my tracks and turned around, my eyes adjusting to the neon amidst the warm fall colors lining the streets. I was greeted by a card with the word “salope” (bitch) printed on it, and then another sporting “petite bite” (little dick).

Atelier de serigraphie

I have to say, Montmartre isn’t given enough credit by Parisians. While people rush to frequent the “hipster” spots centered around République, they overlook the other gems of Paris. My ex-boyfriend, who grew up in Paris and dares not leave his 10ème boundaries, was shocked when he starting exploring Montmartre while I was living by Lamarck-Caulaincourt. “There is no place more beautiful than Montmartre,” he once told me, as spring was just about to bloom on the hilltop village neighborhood.

Not only is Montmartre a stunning backdrop for soul-searching walks during every season, it’s also where you can find unadulterated jewels like Sérigraphie Montmartre. Relatively undiscovered by hipsters who choose to wander only in the “cool” neighborhoods, you’ll find postcards, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and canvas bags printed with funky, Paris-themed designs, and all for an affordable price. I bought this t-shirt for €15, which I love:

Atelier de serigraphie

The studio is run by a young man named Victor Gouteyron. He wears a paint-splattered apron, and he does all of the designs and printing himself. While I was perusing the prints and additional antique treasures for sale at the shop, tourists wandered in and out, taking advantage of the original designs and low prices that haven’t been hiked up yet by hipster crowds popularizing the place.

I asked Gouteyron why he didn’t use Instagram to market his unique and quirky designs. They would really pick up quickly with the young people of Paris, I said! His recurring themes of drugs, gentrification of neighborhoods like Barbès, and mainstream pop culture symbols (Adidas’ Stan Smiths) truly resonate with the interests of many young Parisians today.

Gouteyron responded that it’s better when people find out about his shop through word of mouth. How sad is it, he asked, when people only visit a certain store because they’ve researched it on the Internet? Why doesn’t anyone just wander and discover anymore??? So I must give you my deepest apologies, Victor, if I have sent customers your way because of this Internet blog post. I thought your designs were too fresh not to be shared.

Atelier de Serigraphie

Each postcard you see above costs €1 each. T-shirts run for €15, and sweatshirts cost €35. Does Gouteyron take credit card? “HELL NO,” he’ll respond in English.

Enjoy your pop-culture prints, and thank you, Gouteyron, for painting us accurate pictures of Parisian youth culture to hang up on our walls.

Sérigraphie Montmartre

5, rue Paul Albert

75018 Paris

Paris Chic Street Style Vol. 3: Bohemian at Trocadero

Paris ChicParis Chic Paris Chic Paris Chic Paris Chic Paris Chic

Although Trocadero is usually filled with tourists, this area holds one of the most stunning views of the Eiffel Tower. It was lucky my new friend Bharath and I were able to get good shots–the place was actually packed.

I’m loving the boho clutch trend–I think it’s so bold and fun. You can peruse the unique boho clutches on Etsy or on this Instagram account dedicated solely to boho clutches; they really do spice up any outfit and scream, “I clutch what I want.”

Top: Brandy Melville; Disco Pants: American Apparel; Shoes: Eric Michael; Tote: Kate Spade; boho clutch, hat, necklace & cardigan from various boutiques.

Thank you to AB Photography for these amazing shots!

Premiere Classe: A Showcase of Upcoming Trends at Paris Fashion Week

Ah, Paris Fashion Week: That magical time of the year when aspiring bloggers, couture lovers and people from the highest echelons of the fashion world walk around Paris dressed in their very best, and suddenly you realize what a trendy and beautiful city Paris really is.

Although there are always downsides to a massive international event dedicated solely to materialism, fashion is also art for many people–it really is magical, in that sense. It’s simple art appreciation, watching these new clothes and accessories develop based off of designers’ personal experiences or passions.

Tuileries Garden Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week is also one of the best times of the year for bloggers–it’s like Christmas. We storm the Jardin des Tuileries and the outside of fashion shows looking to get a snapshot of some pout-faced girl dressed in the hautest of haute couture. Or, maybe as this awesome Vice article demonstrates, she was just bullshitting us all.

The posh Premiere Classe is an “exclusive showcase” for the hautest and most eclectic accessory designers of fashion week, and was celebrating its 25th anniversary this year at the Jardin des Tuileries.

paris chic

The event was closed off to the general public, except for students and retailers looking to buy (even though these two groups are on opposite ends of the financial spectrum; another reason why I love France: students are so highly-regarded here). I was able to get a press pass for Paris Chic, saving me from paying €40 for a pass that would allow me access to the salons.

Here are the a few of my favorite chic-est jewelry designs I encountered while navigating the stormy seas of high fashion.

1. Yuki Mitsuyasu

Yuki Mitsuyasu’s line is inspired by her past and personal experiences, which I love. Fashion is truly the most inspiring when there’s depth and meaning behind the design.

yuki mitsuyasu YUKI MITSUYASU

When I first picked up Mitusaysu’s eggshell ring out of curiosity, I immediately shrieked and dropped the ring, because I had broken it. Really. I had cracked a delicate piece of designer jewelry that probably cost thousands of dollars.

The woman behind the counter laughed and explained the ring is actually meant to be broken. The eggshell part isn’t supposed to last for very long–it’s supposed to parallel the life of Cambodians living in landmine fields, where one wrong move could “break the eggshell,” or end someone’s life. After the eggshell is broken, what’s left is a band with a miniature landmine head modeled into the top.

What a cool awareness campaign to sponsor through couture.


I also loved Mitsuyasu’s “Shine” collection, which are beautiful pearl necklaces that clasp together by two magnetic pieces of a star.

“When you choose your partner, his religion, nationality, or wealth does not matter; be with someone who lets you shine, then he is a man worth being with,” says Mitsuyasu on the symbolism of the magnetic necklace. This girl freaking rocks: she knows how to use the power of fashion to change the world.

2. Ekria

EKRIA jewelryEKRIA jewelry

Palm cuffs. They’re the next big thing. And I love Turkish designer Ekria’s take on them–bold, futuristic, simple.

 3. Lotocoho


I love this ancient Grecian theme Lotocoho was embodying. My particularly favorite pieces were the chunky gold chokers (making a comeback) and the watch with no clock, as pictured above on the designer’s wrist. The line aims to embody symbols and landscapes into unique jewelry.

So many salons and so little time–the examples above are just a taste of what’s to come in the fashion world. If you’re interested in perusing the hottest new trends of fashion, you can visit the next international Premiere Classe showcase in March.

How to Dress Paris Chic Vol. 2: Leather Pants

leather pants leather pantsleather pants leather pants The moral of this story is that you can never go wrong with leather. Especially leather pants.

As this very authentic Parisian gal demonstrates, black leather pants are the automatic key to dressing “Paris Chic.” They’re so much more stunning and bold than regular black jeans. They scream, I love my body and I love looking like a rockstar. If you decide to leather up, people will be asking you questions in French left and right–leather is one of the key textures to making yourself blend into Parisian couture this season.

Pair with a simple top that keeps the edge flowing from head to toe. With leather pants, there’s no need to over-accessorize. They’ll do most of the talking.

How to Dress Paris Chic Vol. 1: Black on Black on Black

paris black outfitparis black outfit paris black outfitchic shoes parisChanel purse

Number 1 Rule to Dressing Paris Chic: Black is always the new black. 

Number 2 Rule to Dressing Paris Chic: Contrary to what your friends might be telling you, you don’t need a thousand dollar bag on your shoulder to look nicely-dressed. Case and point. This might be going against everything fashion bloggers stand for, but if you have a nice-looking faux designer bag, who the hell cares? Wear it. Own it. Act outrageously offended if someone asks if it’s real.

Number 3 Rule to Dressing Paris Chic: Never look like you tried too hard to pair an outfit in the morning. As my beautiful model Savannah demonstrates, a blouse, jeans, and wedge runners suffice. More layers means more thought put into the outfit; there’s a reason why Parisian girls don’t walk around with half-naked shirts and bandeaus. They’re too free-spirited and worried about bigger priorities in life to worry about bandeaus. Stick with simple pieces and exude elegance.