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I Hope Your Cool Whip Cake Will Have a Life Expectancy of More than 5 Minutes

cool whip cake

If you’d like to whip up the beauty above, all you need is white cake mix, Cool Whip, and fresh berries. Voilà.

I don’t know if this is type of cake is some widely-known popular recipe, like the equivalent of strawberry shortcake (#immigrantschild problems…missing out on some key cultural American traditions). But I was simply amazed when my co-worker brought this heavenly thing into the boutique on the Fourth of July. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting it to taste so good. Whipped cream and fruit? How good could that be? I’ll tell you how good it can be–I was literally sucking up my saliva for the next hour after I’d finished my last bite; the cake tainted my saliva with its sweet and fruity intoxications.

Seriously, if this isn’t some well-known all-American favorite recipe, you’ve got to try making this for yourself. The cake is so light and airy and fruity it tastes like you’re eating diet food, only delicious.

So, naturally, I decided to make it myself. I was pleasantly surprised with the fact that I could use white cake mix for the batter, because if the recipe called for making a cake from scratch I probably wouldn’t have tried.

Be forewarned other immigrants’ children: this interesting thing called “Cool Whip,” which do NOT make the mistake of thinking it’s a brand name for whipped cream like I did, must be kept FROZEN and thus you cannot keep your beautiful cake out overnight, or else it will be ruined. I learned this the hard way. Please, for the love of God, after putting your heart and soul into whisking that batter and cutting fresh berries with love to decorate the cake, do not leave your cake out overnight, dear God no.

This is a picture of the single piece of my cake I was able to eat before it went sour.

cool whip cake

I hope your fresh berry cake lasts more than a few hours.

The Bartender Diaries: Whip Up a Moscow Mule

I love the traditional summer Corona with lime just as much as anyone.

But, I also love the idea of being my own bartender. Concocting different fancy-sounding drinks to impress friends and family is a favorite hobby of mine.

I present you with this super simple and refreshing drink recipe that may be your new favorite tipple for summer. Meet the Moscow Mule–perfect for presenting to your friends at a FIFA World Cup watch party. Your friends will be dazzled by your knowledge of fancy drinks and appreciate this flavorful alternative to beer.

Here’s the recipe I used for a classic Moscow Mule:

moscow mule
  • 1.5 ounces vodka
  • 1 lime
  • 3/4 cup crushed ice
  • 6 ounce bottle of ginger beer
  • Copper mug (optional)

Step 1: Chill the vodka and copper mugs in the freezer and the ginger beer in the refrigerator for about an hour. Using tin or copper cups will help keep the drink cooler longer, so if possible, try to use a mug that is made of metal.

moscow mule

Step 2: After chilling, pour 1.5 ounces of vodka into the mug.

moscow mule

Step 3: Squeeze half of a lime into the drink (this should equal about 1/2 an ounce). Add the 3/4 cup of crushed ice on top.

moscow mule

Step 4: Pour the entire ginger beer bottle on top of the ice and stir the drink.

moscow mule

Step 5: Add a thin slice of lime to the side of the mug for garnish.

And voilà, the refreshing “it”-drink for the summer! What should result is a spicy cool mesh of vodka and ginger. The ginger and lime flavor should be strong enough to mute the harshness of the vodka.

Cheers, future bartenders of the world. xx

moscow mule