From California to Washington, D.C. to finally Paris, I’ve been on the pursuit of living out my dreams since day one.

I’m currently living out my heart’s desires in Paris, France. From the day I first visited, I told myself I would one day live in France, and finishing my studies in Paris seemed to be my way to get my foot through the international threshold.

I made this blog to show you my Paris. This city isn’t all pink macaroons and love locks on a bridge. This city is so much more than that. I want to show you the life of a real Parisian–the coolest, most incognito spots to visit and the chicest of Parisian style. Here, you’ll find directions to the most affordable happy hours and most beautiful hidden streets. You’ll find Paris in all of its red-lipsticked, sultry and quiet beauty. This blog is my pursuit for everything Paris Chic.

Some facts about me:

1. I’m a journalism and French major at the American University of Paris.

2. Turbulence on airplanes excites me.

3. I play guitar and love to sing (you can see some of my covers here if you’re interested!).

4. I think cigarettes look so freaking cool, but I don’t understand why so many kids in my generation smoke when we grew up in a generation aware of the side effects and health hazards associated with smoking.

5. I’m a contributing writer and editor for the Lala, an online college women’s publication that aims to provide substantive and fresh content for women my age.

6. I love photography, although I consider myself very much an amateur and am always looking to improve.

7. I’m a big advocate of traveling alone. The thought of being in another country, not speaking the language and figuring out how to get around with only a map is exhilarating.

8. I have changed my life path drastically at least 8 times in the past several years and I’m only 20. Talk to me about this if you’re going through the same thing; I have a lot to share about this.

9. If I wasn’t currently pursuing living abroad for a living, I would probably be pursuing a career as a criminal defense attorney in the U.S. The justice system over there is a major atrocity.

10. I literally can live off of just cheese and bread for the rest of my life. Seriously. That’s my current staple diet.

Please enjoy my blog and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. Also, if you’re ever in Paris and just want to grab une petite verre, that’s cool too.